A Legacy of
Quality and Service.
A Dedication
to Popcorn.

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Introducing Mennel Popcorn…
the newest member of The Mennel Milling family.

We are a top-notch supplier of quality popcorn varieties for domestic as well as international snack food manufacturers, concessionaires, theaters, and more.

Sourced from the fields of Ohio and the golden Midwest, our seasoned popcorn growers are proud to help deliver superior products using sustainable practices for customers around the world.

From seed procurement through packaging and delivery of over 125 million pounds of popcorn annually, Mennel is committed to doing the right thing by faithfully investing in quality control, food safety, and improved new hybrids for the theatre, concessionaires and snack food industries.

Our Products

Snack food manufacturers around the globe count on us to meet quality specifications, expectations and their customized needs. We have decades of experience producing uniform, quality products and meeting customer expectations.

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Our Facilities

From seed procurement through packaging and delivery, we are committed to quality control and food safety. Purchased from ConAgra in 2015, Mennel Popcorn is prepared to take our unique varieties of popcorn to a new level.

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Mennel History

Though our company may have just popped up on your list, the Mennel name has been synonymous with quality, service and integrity for more than a century. We are proud to provide food manufacturers around the globe with service they can count on.

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